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  • P-90 Drum Pump and Tube

    Pump/Tube Features:

    • Polypropylene construction to transfer most corrosive liquids.
    • Sealless construction eliminates the major cause of pump failure.
    • Can run dry. No costly damage to pump if it is run dry for short periods after drum or container has been emptied.
    • 1.66" (4.2cm) tube diameter. Designed to fit any bung to empty any drum or carboy around the world.
    • More effective vapor seal.
    • High quality design. One piece tube construction, fewer pump parts and new bearing cup ensure reliability and extends pump life. New P90 pump tube is lighter and stronger.
    • Quick draining. Pump drains quickly when removed from liquid.
    • Wide vane axial impeller. Efficiently moves high viscosity and specific gravity liquids up to 4000 ssu.
    • High flow. Empties a 55 gallon drum in less than 2 minutes. Empties a 500 gallon tank in less than 13 minutes (with electric motor).
    • Easy to maintain. New bearing cup design allows fast, inexpensive, easy to do repairs. No special tools needed.